Thursday, December 20, 2012

Caroling and other busy holiday activities...

This week has been a busy one.  Getting last minute things ready for Christmas week, trying (and failing) to clean the house, keeping Sweet Pea and Peanut busy since Peanut is already on Winter Break, teacher gifts, Papa Bear continuing to work longer hours and of course fun festive activities.

Little Man and I went on our neighborhood annual caroling event.  Every year we have attempted to go to this but I have always been pregnant, or nursing or both or had a small infant in my arms to just generally so overwhelmed with life that walking around in the cold singing songs just didn't fall in the realm of possibility.  This year, Peanut and Sweet Pea would still be a bit too much to manage, but Little Man was at just the right age to start.  So he skipped winter swim team practice, bundled up and headed over to our neighbors house for some pre-caroling adult beverages and kid craziness.  Then a large group of us went house to house singing from a repertoire of about 8 songs.  We had a few rain showers pass through and we just kept on going.  The 5th grade girls took Little Man into their group and walked around holding his hand, making sure he got to hold the flash light and ring the door bells and teaching him the songs.  At first I tried to stay near him but it soon became clear that I was redundant in that group and sought more adult beverages and conversation.  Afterwards, we ate pizza and the kids watched Rudolph in the basement.  We got home late but it was well worth the extra crankiness the next morning.

Peanut and Sweet Pea might not have been able to take part in the caroling but we have made this week extra fun to stay busy.  Parks, soft playrooms (and Peanut wants to go to the smooth playroom next time) playdates and fun errands shopping for mom's who lost all of their possessions in Hurricane Sandy.  We have made the most of this week even if that meant a messy house and a grumpy Mama Bear.  My favorite moment was when Peanut was helping me pick out "mom stuff" for the mom who lost everything because of the "crane".  I couldn't convince him it was a hurricane.  He insists that a bad cranky crane (Thomas the Train reference) took all of this mom's stuff so we had to get her legos and chapstick.  I put the legos back when he wasn't looking.

One more day and then the whole family is home for a week. I am so excited to get to more of our bucket list items and enjoy our family time together.

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