Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Believe I Can Fly

It must be a rite of passage that every child at some point jumps off something high thinking that the umbrella/hat/magic words allow them to fly.  Little Man came home from school a few days ago singing "I believe I can fly" and them jumping off of the couch, coffee table etc.  It was adorable until he went into the playroom with Peanut and all of a sudden we heard a crash and crying commenced.  Little Man came upstairs saying that he shouted I believe I can fly but he could 't and then he just fell to the ground hurting his arm.  I was just thankful nothing was broken and we again explained that he couldn't actually fly by just saying those words.  He went back downstairs and we overhear him telling Peanut.  Ok, you try it now. Just get up there and yell "I believe I can fly" and then jump.  I was on my feet in seconds trying to get downstairs before Peanut could be convinced to try the flying maneuver and then I hear Peanut simply said "No, I don't think I can fly".  Thank goodness he knows his limits, at least when it comes to flying.

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