Sunday, December 23, 2012

Little Man's First Phone Call

The phone rang yesterday morning around 10:00 and as is typical, the kids ignored it and I picked it up.  They always ignore the ringing phone because it is never for them.  Until today.

The sweetest little voice was on the line saying "Hi, this is J, can I please speak with Jackson?"  It was adorable and I told Little Man that his friend was on the phone.  They proceeded to have a conversation like little adults.  They discussed their play date scheduled for tomorrow, what they are asking Santa for and how it is so cool that they have each others phone numbers.  These are boys that sit next to each other in class every day so I imagine that they talk to each other a lot.

Papa Bear was thrilled that friendship was blossoming.  Little Man confides in Papa Bear a lot, especially about the mean or hurtful things that the other kids on the playground and Papa Bear confides in me how much it upsets him that little 5 and 6 year old's can be cruel to one another.  This friend, J, is the one that Little Man tells us is nice and he is the only other boy that doesn't make fun of kids or say mean things.

Now Little Man is obsessed with making phone calls to his friends and has started looking up all of their phone numbers so we are going to start working on the proper way to answer the phone and what to say when someone calls for him.

(Update: we had the playdate and the boys played wonderfully.  I think that they will be good friends for a while!)

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