Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Round Up

We have been having so much fun that I haven't had time to get it all written here.  So I am going to attempt a little round-up on the past few days.

Saturday:  We spent the day lounging around the house and enjoying some down time and then went to a living nativity at a local church.  Little Man wanted to stay and watch it over and over again.  He wanted to see every aspect and make sure he got all of the details correct.  There were 2 people at the entrance to the inn saying that there wasn't any room and he didn't think that was historically accurate.  Peanut and Sweet Pea loved Baby Jesus and the angel in the sky.  Sweet Pea and Peanut also enjoyed the sheep and donkey and kept hearing "neigh neigh" being exclaimed in my ear.  It was very cold so we didn't stay as long as Little Man would have liked but this is something we will add to our must-do list each year.  It was a good reminder of the real reason behind Christmas and it was a great way to reiterate the story in a way the kids understood.

Sunday:  Tita Michelle, Uncle Mark and Mee-Mom came for a wonderful visit.  The kids were in heaven with some of their most favorite people all paying attention to them.  Uncle Mark was part jungle gym for the boys and part pillow for Sweet Pea.  Tita Michelle was all playmate for the kids as she got down on the floor and played "armor" as Peanut calls playing knights and castles.  Mee-Mom was full of smiles and joy as she has all of her kids and grandkids in one room which is all that it really takes to make her happy.

Monday:  We spent making Christmas cookies, cakes, baking bread and cleaning the house.  Then we went to our 2nd Annual Christmas Eve dinner at our very good friends house.  The kids watched movies, played games, ate a lot of sugar and ran around while the adults attempted to talk over the joyful noise.  We finished the night by spreading reindeer food on the lawn and tucking in some very excited small humans.  Papa Bear and I had planned well enough ahead that all the presents were wrapped and food prepared so we got to go to bed early too since we expected to be woken up with the sun.

Tuesday:  Christmas morning was everything we wanted it to be.  Peanut started crying when he opened his first gift and it wasn't the rocket ship he has asked for but was mollified as soon as he opened his second gift and it was a rocket ship and then had to be lured back repeatedly to open another gift as all he wanted to do was play with his rocket ship.  Little Man was kind and gracious as always and after opening a gift from us he declared that he loved it and was so excited about it but he actually didn't know what it was.  (It turns out that it because his favorite gift of the day once he figured it out).  He also hasn't taken his tie off since opening that gift and plans on wearing it every day which is adorable and fine by me. Sweet Pea loved her dress up stuff especially her finger nail polish and after getting her fingers and toes painted insisted on painting Papa Bear's nails too.  We had wonderful food of spinach and bacon quiche, lasagna and a wonderfully perfectly cooked prime rib (for me and Papa Bear). 

Wednesday: Christmas overload.  Stayed in our pajamas and enjoyed our gifts!

Thursday:  Shopping and shopping and returning broken/missing toys from Santa. 

Friday:  We went to a puppet show about a magic toy shop and visited the farm and saw cows, pigs, sheep and most importantly to Peanut, tractors.

Photo Dump from the week:

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