Friday, December 21, 2012


Peanut is so expressive, his little hands gesture and his posture changes for declarative statements.  You just never know what is going through his mind until he tells you and a lot of times is is surprising and a total crack up.

For example, he comes into my room holding two different Christmas tree ornaments that are tangled up on each other and says "Mama, I am so sorry. I took this off of the tree. I am so sorry I took this off of the tree.  It is not nice to touch the tree.  This one is stuck on this one.  The sleeping snowmen are tangled on the other snowman's wings. (pause) Mama, I don't know about a snowman that can fly."

We were on our way home from the rec center where we spent time playing in the soft playroom.  He is rambling away in the back and then he says "Mama, next time we should go to the smooth playroom.  Yeah, that sounds like fun.  Mama, we should not go to a hard playroom.  That would be no fun at all.  Nope, no fun at all"

Waiting for the bus in the afternoon.  "Mama, I can go on the bus when I get bigger, right?" I confirmed that he could and then he paused a minute and looked up at me.  "Ok, Mama, I am bigger now so I will get on the bus.  Don't be sad, I will wait until Jackson gets home so you won't be lonely.  (pause, sigh)  Mama, I'm not big enough yet, am I?"  I shook my head no and he sighed again, seemingly resigned.  Then about 5 minutes later, in loud shouty Peanut voice "How about now Mama?'  It was a long bus stop wait.

Once he starts on a topic he doesn't stop and you just never know what he is going to say.  I love it.  I eat up every single word but more than that, I learn so much about how he thinks.  The kid is an absolute crack up.

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