Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

We rang in the new year by putting the kids to bed early and taking down the Christmas decorations.  It wasn't wild and crazy, but it was nice to start getting the house back to normal.  Today the boys and I went to a New Year's Open House party while Papa Bear and Sweet Pea stayed home to nap.  The boys had a blast and immediately ran off to play as soon as we got there.  Peanut would come to check in every once in a while but Little Man was a blur as he rushed by to play. 

As we start the year I wanted to mention a few things because I know how much the kids will have changed by this time next year.  So currently:

1.  Peanut has announced that he would like to be a squirrel one day so that he can climb trees and eat nuts.
2.  Little Man would like to be a dog so he can stay home and do nothing all day.
3.  Sweet Pea would like to be and do anything that Little Man wants to do so she keeps barking at me.

We are really excited for this year, both for the things we know are coming and the ones that will surprise us.  We know that this year:
1.  Sweet Pea will start preschool
2.  Peanut will graduate from speech therapy
3.  Little Man will enter 1st grade
4.  We will take our first vacation to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate birthdays in March/April
5.  We will go on our annual family beach trip
6.  Peanut will start on the swim team with Little Man

We don't know what surprises this year will bring, but we are ready and excited to take on any challenges as a family.

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