Friday, January 18, 2013

Sing it Loud, Sing it Proud

My heart swells when Peanut sings.  We waited so long to hear his little voice in song that I sometimes wondered if we would ever get to hear it.   Now he sings all the time but we still don't take it for granted.  The other night after putting the kids to bed we heard Peanut singing in his room so we turned up his monitor and sat in our room listening to him sing to himself.  This song is the months of the year.  He came home singing this from school and you can tell that he knows he is cute, he knows that I am proud and he knows how to use both of those things to his advantage.  I just love how clear his words are!!

Sweet Pea has her mama's singing abilities and by that I mean there is no hope that she will ever be able to hold a tune.  Bless her heart, she still belts it out loud and proud.  This is the song I sing to her every night before bed although now we kind of just sing it out of tune together.

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