Friday, January 4, 2013

The Sick House and Happy Birthday to Mommom!

Sweet Pea is sick.  Again.  Little Man is sick.  Peanut is sick.  We are a sniffling, coughing, stuffy head mess of a house.  The whining is out of control, theirs and mine. This is not quite the start that I had envisioned for 2013 but we will push through.  We have all natural cough medicine pulsing through all of their veins.  Some are on antibiotics, some are not.  No one is sleeping well.  Or breathing well for that matter.  This is not our best moment, but we are going to tuck that away this weekend.  We are going to medicate and buck up because even though we are not at our best, we have something to celebrate.  Mommom is turning 90 and we are going to party in Delaware, one way or another.  Mommom and I share a mutual love of all things sappy. We save scraps of paper for pure nostalgia purposes even when others give us a hard time.  We are both crafty and love to cook and bake for others.  She is the one that I call to share a particularly good recipe with or who I call when am really proud of a crafty project.  I save all of her cards and letters because I know that even though I pretend and hope she will be around forever, I know that it is just not possible and I want to read her words when I miss her in later years.  I like to think and hope that I am a little bit like her because she honestly one of the most amazing people I now or will ever know.   I am so wonderfully thankful that my kids get to make these memories and celebrate with her this weekend, even if we are a snotty gross mess!  Happy Birthday Mommom!

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