Thursday, January 10, 2013

Drill Sergeant Mama

This cold/cough has really made its way through our family, but has clung especially to Little Man.  This hasn't happened in a few years, but Little Man has a tendency to turn chest congestion into a much more serious lung infection and asthmatic reactions.  We had to give him his (very old) rescue inhaler 3 times this week and he had to be taken to the nurse at school because he couldn't take a deep breath at recess.  So after a terrible early morning with another need for the inhaler we this we headed into the doctor's office (again) to see our favorite and well trusted doctor (who wasn't in earlier this week), it was a sprint to the appointment and I was ready for a nap before we even set foot in the door.  The doctor heard wheezing and crackling and got to hear his awful cough and he was given a breathing treatment, oral steriod, z-pack and a new inhaler prescription.  The pharmacy was a mess because the doc had forgotten to sign one of the scripts so it was almost an hour later and 2 scripts short that we walked out the door and turned the corner to starbucks.  We all deserved a treat at this point and thanks to a well funded gift card from my mom, we could have one.  We settled in with cookies (them) and coffee (me) and took a deep breath (me and SweetPea) and a wheezy breath (Little Man).  This very kind lady started chatting with us and reminicing about when her children were young.  The kids were having a cookie induced excellent behavior moment and their pleases, thank you's, and yes ma'am's were flowing easily.  I was pleased and they knew it.  As we were leaving they both said goodbye and nice to meet you to the kind lady.  She glanced at me and told them that I had taught them well and then asked me if my husband was in the military.  I shook my head no and Little Man piped up "No, but my Mama is a drill sergeant".  The entire Starbucks burst into laughter as I rushed my kids out the door. 

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