Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Preschool Party

I will admit that I was a bit grumpy this morning.  Having to coordinate corn-free cookies and candy around different holidays can be exhausting.  So yes, I was a bit grumpy trying to get Little Man off to school with the party supplies I provided for his Valentine's Party, pack up cookie dough and all natural sprinkles for Peanut to take to his school, all of the homemade valentine's cards and the regular morning activities of breakfast, packed lunches and school bags etc.

But at 11:30 when I watched Sweet Pea go and sit down with Peanut at circle time in his classroom like she belonged there and then watched Peanut instruct Sweet Pea on where and how to sit my grumpiness started to melt away.  Then my littles got to sit down and eat the cookies that Peanut had made with our corn-free cookie dough.  They were in heaven, granted it was a very sugar-rush induced heaven, but it worked.  It was chaos in his classroom and the adults did not look like they were having fun.  But this smile, made it all worth it.  And Sweet Pea, well she finally got to "have a school day" and joined right in like it was her class all along. 

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