Saturday, February 9, 2013

Out and In - A Bedtime Tale

This morning, while I entertained the Little Man and Sweet Pea with arts and crafts, Papa Bear assembled Sweet Pea's toddler bed.  We really thought she was ready to move to a bed that she could get in and out of especially since we moved Peanut to his big boy bed around this same age and Little Man was far younger.  Peanut came and got Sweet Pea when it was ready and exclaimed "Ta Da!" as he showed her the change to her bed.  She immediately claimed that the bed was broken because the front rail has an opening.  So we explained it to her and she seemed ok but not overly impressed.  When it came time for nap she adamantly refused to sleep in it.  She cried, yelled, got out of it, tried to sleep in her glider chair and eventually we just gave up on making her nap.  Papa Bear and I discussed all the pro's and con's of pushing through this and realized that this just wasn't a fight worth fighting.  She is potty trained day and night, we don't need the crib for anything else and if she wants to sleep in a crib for a while longer yet we are ok with that.  So after dinner Papa Bear put the front rail back on the crib.  Sweet Pea was so happy to have her bed back that we skipped her 4 book, 2 song bed routine and she snuggled into her bed wrapping herself in her blankets and saying "no more big girl bed".  You win some and you lose some.  I think for now we will call this a draw - we don't really care what kind of bed she sleeps in as long as she is sleeping soundly in a bed in her room and we aren't in that much of a hurry to see our baby grow up. 

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