Friday, February 8, 2013

Does This Have Corn In It?

Recently I have been worried that Peanut is too concerned about food that has corn in it.  He has asked me if the pretend food he was playing with had corn in it, he asks me at random times if a certain food has corn in it, usually something he considers a treat, donuts, cakes and when I confirm that some of those foods do have corn he asks me if I can make him some that don't have corn.  Two to three times a day, he asks about it.  He asks me in the mornings before preschool if he can have the snack that day and if all valentines candy has corn in it.  Admittedly, I constantly think about the contents of the food he is eating but that's my job as his mom and I don't want him to have to worry.  Vigilant yes, worried, no.  So I started to ask myself if I was talking about it too much, putting too much emphasis on it in front of him.  I paid more attention to what triggered him asking about it and cut way back in referring to corn-free anything to see if he relaxed too.  And then I realized that Peanut isn't overly concerned about corn-free food.  He is just constantly think about food.  All food.  Any food.  What is he going to have for dinner?  For snack?  Is there food in the car for him?  Then at random times he must be thinking about cupcakes, cookies, candy canes and then remembers that in order to have them they can't have corn so he asks and then goes on daydreaming of his favorite sweets.  I am relieved that he isn't stressed about corn-free foods and find it hysterical how often my growing boy is thinking about food. 

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