Monday, February 11, 2013

Red-Headed Chicken Theory

Every wondered why some eggs at the store are brown and some are white?  Well this week, the brown, free-range organic eggs were the same price as the white regular eggs we normally buy so, after conferring with me to make sure that the color change in the eggs wouldn't freak out Little Man, Papa Bear bought them.  Little Man eats hard boiled eggs like they are going out of style and we were worried that the change in appearance would put him off his game.  When he got home from school today he was so excited to try an "orange" egg and then he asked me why some eggs are white and some eggs are brown and I told him that we would have to look it up together because I wasn't sure.  Of course, being Little Man, he had a theory of his own that he wanted to share first.  His hypothesis is that the orange eggs came from red-headed chickens.  That made me laugh and we looked it up.  I told him that it turns out that brown eggs come from chickens with brown feathers and white eggs come from chickens with white feathers.  (Ok to be precise, it is actually the color of the chicken's earlobes, but the color of the earlobes are closely correlated to feather color and I did not have time for an earlobe debate with Little Man)  When I told him what I had found on the computer, he said "That is sort of close to what I said, red-head chicken - brown feathered chicken.  Same thing". 

From now on, brown eggs come from red-headed chicken.  It's a good theory.

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