Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Play Dough - A Comparision of Children

Monday afternoon's are challenging because all 3 kids are home and these days usually awake by 2:00.  I am supposed to work from 1-4; so you see the challenge.  Yesterday I whipped up some homemade play dough and pulled out all of the accessories, rolling pins, safety scissors, cookie cutters and some pretend play food like ice cream cones and pizza cutters.  I got myself another hour of work time as all 3 kids played nicely with their play dough stash.  (Tip: only make one color so no on is fighting over colors and have at least 3 scissors and 2 rollers because they are highly coveted items) 

After a while I started watching them play in their individual ways.  It was so interesting to see their personalities in their play dough play. 

Sweet Pea makes a big pile of play dough and meticulously starts to cut away at it.  For an hour.  She is focused and determined.  She doesn't need variety and doesn't vie for my attention or approval. She claps for herself and cheers herself on.  She eventually switches to making shapes and letters in the dough and calling out the names.

Peanut makes food.  Yup, he makes ice cream, pizza and pancakes.  He hordes the food he makes and then smooches it all back into a ball and starts over again. 

Little Man is all over the place in what he makes but what is consistant is that he is constantly trying to sell his objects to his brother and sister or make something for them to use.  He doesn't want to play alone, he would prefer that they all work together to make a giant pizza or a pretend ice cream shop (as long as they make it his way).

I say it all the time, I am a mom of 3 and have experienced most motherhood dilemma's and childhood personalities at least once so far, I thought I would be more prepared but each kid is so different....that it doesn't make me feel prepared at all but it sure is fun!

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