Friday, June 14, 2013

End of School Year Events

We have been insanely busy with end of school year activities.  I really wish someone had told me that while the kids might not spend a lot of time learning in the last two weeks, the parents sure do spend a lot of time volunteering and going to functions/ceremonies/parties.  I had no idea that the first two weeks of June would be the busiest weeks of the school year for us.

The first event was the end of year party where the kids rotated through party stations.  I was on the craft station which was crazy in so many ways.  MeeMom was in town and watched the Littles so that I could be with Little Man and once Little Man figured out that he was missing MeeMom time, he started crying so I brought him home early from school and life was good. 

The second event was the K-2 Award Ceremony and Little Man's class presentation of Click Clack Moo where Little Man played Farmer Brown.  The presentation was adorable and I loved my Little Man coming out of his shell in his acting debut. And since this is my blog and I can brag if I want to, Little Man received the award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Reading and the Responsible Student Award. 

The third event was field day where Peanut, Sweet Pea and I volunteered at the Dizzy Bat station.  It was a ton of fun but so exhausting.  Little Man told me that having be a volunteer at his school was like Christmas because it was so exciting to get to see me. 

There are definitely days when being a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom has it's true advantages and being able to attend these events and give Little Man his Christmas in June is a perfect example.  Next year I will be more prepared for the craziness that ensues with end of year activities (on top of soccer season overlapping with swim team etc!)

Little Man and Friends at Field Day 2013

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