Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ahoy Mateys!

The kids are all very into pirates these days.  We often hear Peanut and Little Man making their pretend friends walk the plank and I am often referred to as Matey Mama.  So as a family fun event today, we took the kids on a Treasure Hunt Pirate cruise along the Potomac River in Washington, DC. 

After boarding we were told that Scurvy Dog Dan stole the keys to the pirate treasure and we needed to help find him, fire the water cannon's at him and get him to surrender the keys to us and if we did, we all got to share in the booty that was in the treasure chest.  Little Man, always the doubting Thomas of the group, immediately questioned one of the crew and asked if she was just pretending.  She said "Of course not, that scurvy dog is out there on the high seas and we have to catch him."  Little Man was very impressed especially because she said it all using pirate language.  The kids all got pirate painted tattoos on their arms and got their pirate names and then Scurvy Dog Dan was spotted and everyone manned their water cannons.  The first time he got away, but we managed to get him to surrender the second time we found him and the treasure chest was opened and they each got 2 pieces of booty.  One of the pieces of booty that the boys picked was a treasure map and Little Man is 100% convinced that there is real treasure at the X that marks the spot.  The good news for me and Papa Bear is that according to the treasure map, the X is in Mexico so he finally stopped asking for us to find it.  Peanut is convinced that the X marked the treasure too, but declared that the lunch at the restaurant was the treasure so he is satisfied as well.  Sweet Pea picked a lollipop so she didn't really care about the treasure at all. 

We had so much fun and the best part was watching the kids really get into the spirit of it all, participate and ask a million questions.  We did finally have to limit Little Man's questions and he said "But I have about 100 more!"  Which is exactly why we had to limit him!

Manning the Water Cannon


Shooting Scurvy Dog Dan with the Water Cannon

Pirate Butterfly tattoo

Doing the Pirate Dance

Me and My Pirate Crew

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