Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th

This year our July 4th plans this year were a little less planned and a little more spur of the moment which is not typically how we do things.  We started the day at the pool of course, where else would we be on a sunny day and while we were there some friends mentioned that you can see the Fairfax High School fireworks display from one of our favorite parks, which just happens to be right behind Outback Steakhouse which we just so happened to have a gift card for.  So we played at the pool for 4 hours, went home, changed and rested until dinner at Outback by 6:30 which was done by 7:30 when we met up with some friends to play at the park and soccer field for 2 hours until the fireworks started.  The only tough part of the evening was when Peanut burned his hand on a sparkler but we put it on ice and after a while he said that it didn't hurt anymore.  The little ones used noise cancelling headphones so that the fireworks were pretty instead of pretty loud.  Little Man was asking a million questions about how it works, who was lighting them off, if they could start a fire until I finally told him he could ask as many questions as he wanted if he would just wait until the fireworks were over.  Afterwards we were stuck in traffic for a very long time and didn't get everyone home and into bed until close to 11 but the brilliant part about that is that everyone slept in until after 9 the next morning.  While these weren't our original plans, it turned out better than we could have predicted.  Late night and firework fun with friends, family, good dinner and even though minor burns, everyone really enjoyed themselves.

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