Thursday, July 25, 2013

Swim Team Wrap up 2013

The swim season has come to an end and Little Man swam in every B meet and a developmental relay.  While he still experienced nervousness and anxiety at each event, he participated and by the end of the swim season was much more relaxed.  I am so proud of how he pushed through the anxiety to be the best little swimmer than he could be.  He improved his time in free style 3 times over the course of the meets and 1 time in backstroke.  His final time in 25 meter Freestyle was 26.07 and his final 25 meter backstroke was 30.57

Peanut learned some of the basics for swimming and even was able to swim freestyle for half the length of the pool by the end of the swim season.  He swam in the Lollipop meet in short and long course kickboard without a care in the world.  In fact, he slowed down in the long course because he was smiling so much that he couldn't keep the water out of his mouth.  He is the happiest little fish in the water, that's for sure.

Sweet Pea loved cheering for her brothers all season and while she is probably more than ready to join the team, she has 2 more years before she can be a Wahoo. 

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