Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fox In Socks and other nightmarish things

Sweet Pea has had to adjust to a summer schedule which means later nights, shorter naps and usually morning sleep-in's.  She has rolled with the punches for the most part and can power through a day without naps and no meltdowns better than Peanut at times.  However, she seems to be plagued with bad dreams on the later bedtime nights.

Last night (somewhere in the blur of 3:00 am) she was crying in bed and crying out.  Papa Bear got up to get her and I could hear her crying and repeatedly yelling, "I want Mama, there is a fox in socks in my house.  Get it out.  I want Mama."  Papa Bear thought she was saying that she was scared of sharks and she just kept saying no and asking him to get the Fox in Socks out of her house.  I don't know why she found this scary, but I blame Dr. Seuss.  After using the bathroom and being soothed by Papa Bear, she settled down and slept until after 8:00 am. 

Around this same age, Little Man experienced some bad dreams about a Giant Chicken behind his door and we had to shoo it out of his room for a few nights.  So maybe it is the age, maybe it is the late nights or maybe it is Dr. Seuss.  Whatever it is, I am hoping that tonight she enjoys pleasant dreams and isn't plagued by green eggs and ham falling on her or apples that just won't stay up on top but it is going to be another late night so we will just have to see.

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