Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blue and Orange Award - Boys 10 and Under 2013

Little Man was awarded the Blue and Orange Award for 10 and under boys at the Swim Team Banquet.  The Head Coach said that he deserved the award for his attitude, endurance, ability and tenacity. He went on to say that Little Man started out as a minnow and moved up multiple lanes during the summer and that on his first day in his highest lane he cried through most of practice.  He went on to say that Little Man swam in every B meet despite his anxiety and by the end of the season was legal in all 4 strokes and had excellent times and form. 

Little Man did not and still does not grasp the concept of how prestigious this award is and that is in part because this is the first time he has been presented with a sporting award that he actually earned and deserved for more than participation.  It is interesting because when we were telling him how proud we were of him for getting that award and all of his hard work during the season he said "I don't get it.  Didn't everyone get one?"  It is true that in the past every sporting trophy or medal that he has received was given out equally and for participation, but this is his first lesson in earning an award.  I don't think he has fully grasped it but he knows how proud we are of him and he has displayed the award proudly in his room  It was a lesson for me too as I had many parents come up and congratulate me after the award ceremony especially those of the older swimmers. 

Little Man and his coaches Coach Steve and Coach Emily

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