Saturday, July 6, 2013

When Confidence Exceeds Ability - Peanut Style

I will set the scene.  It was July 5th, we were at the pool (yeah, we never actually leave) in the evening for a swim team pep rally and to get together with friends.   We had pizza and drinks flowing while we watched the kids swim, get tattoos, nails painted and do swim team cheers.  Little Man is hardly ever in our sight because he is such a proficient swimmer that he knows to check in every 45 minutes at the adult swim break and other than that, he is free to have fun.  Peanut is supposed to stay in the shallow end where he can touch and swim around because he is very proficient in that area and Sweet Pea can play in the baby pool or use her floaty in the big pool/shallow end.  Peanut wears a bright (and I mean florescent orange/glows in the dark bright shirt) to help me keep eyes on him.  The phrase "eyes on Peanut" runs through my head about every 30 seconds and I constantly scan for him.  So I was in the baby pool area with Sweet Pea and scanned the big pool for Logan and he wasn't in the shallow section.  A quick scan in the deeper area found Peanut with a kick board making his way into the 4 foot deeper area where he can't stand.  I immediately started making my way over there and then I saw him slip off of his kickboard and go under.  He can swim enough to get his head back above the water but he can't stay up for long and went under again.  By this time I had made it over to where he was and leaned over to grab him up and he pushed away just at the moment that I tried to get him.  So I stripped off the clothes I was wearing over my suit and jumped in to get him.  He wasn't upset or scared at all but told me he was so very sad that he couldn't breath under water.  Then he tried to push my hands off of him and told me to let him go.  I explained if I let him go he would go under water and he responded by telling me that he would come back up so it was ok.  I don't think he gets that he can't actually swim like his big brother so while he is on swim team, we are starting him on private lessons this weekend for my own peace of mind.  I love that he isn't scared of the water but I would love it if he had a healthy dose of reality.  Instead I now spend my time at the pool trying to keep him in the shallow end or jumping in to get him from the deep end.  Oy!

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