Monday, June 3, 2013

Swim Team Adventure

Do you remember last year when Little Man cried through his entire first swim team practice?  Well I thought this year that the first day of swim team was going to go much smoother due to the fact that Little Man has been on swim team for an entire year (he did winter swim team too) and even though it is Peanut's first year on the team he just doesn't seem to stress that much.  The entire way to the pool Little Man is peppering me with questions.  Who are my coaches going to be?  Will I know these coaches?  What lane am I going to be in?  How will I know what lane to go to?  He was seriously stressed out about it and I didn't have any answers for him other than it will all be okay and we will figure it out together.  Peanut seemed totally unphased and his only questions were "Do I get to swim?" and "Can we stay and play afterward?"  True to form, Peanut went right over to his area and jumped in and held onto his adorable goofy grin for the entire time.  Little Man stayed stressed out and shed a few tears until he figured out what lane he was going to be in and got himself situated with a coach that he knows.  When I saw him crying I started walking towards him and was stopped by a friend who assured me that the coaches could handle it and that it was a mom-free zone so step away.  Poor Little Man is so much like me, I really feel for him in his times of stress because I am the exact same way.  Peanut is more like Papa Bear, go with the flow and don't worry about it until it happens. 

My favorite part was watching Little Man and Peanut hold hands at the start of practice.  I am still not sure who was reassuring who.  Peanut had me in hysterics the whole time.  He kind of sort of listened to his coaches when it was convenient and when it wasn't, he just did his own thing.  When he was told to put his face in the water and blow bubbles he just sank down to the bottom of the pool and when he came up he said "I blew bubbles down there, is that ok?"  The coach just patted him on the head and walked away.  I think they may be doing a lot of that with Peanut this year.  I loved it.  Getting him out of the pool afterwards was close to impossible. 

I predict a very very fun and relaxing summer spent almost entirely at the pool.  You won't hear me complaining.  Roll on summer break!

The boys holding hands before practice

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