Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Firsts for Peanut

Some firsts that need to be mentioned...

Peanut thinks he is ready for table food, but in hopes of holding him off until his digestive system thinks so too, he has been enjoying ice cubes. We bought the mesh feeder for Little Man, but he never took to it so it went untouched. We were excited to see it get some use. It is one of his favorite things and cries when the ice cube has melted and we take it away. He gets one every night at the dinner table now and loves it.

Peanut went for a swim. I know the summer is over and we had pools and beaches a plenty but either the water was too cold for him to enjoy it or he was sleeping (not that I am complaining). So before lunch Papa Bear put the pool up on our deck, ran the hose from our tap so we could make the water warm and the boys got to play in the water. At first Peanut wasn't that into it, but after a while he was splashing and playing and eating all of the toys!!

Peanut has really taken to the jumperoo. So much so that we had to move it up from the playroom to the family room so that he could be in it more often. He can be fussy and all it takes is putting him in it and off he goes! (Mommom, this is a movie, not a picture so don't forget to push play to see Peanut jump jump jumping)

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