Monday, September 14, 2009

Sippy Cups and Holding Our Breath

In my recent post about firsts, I neglected to get everything in because so many new things had happened in recent days. SO I am playing a bit of catch up and trying it get it all recorded before Little Man starts school on Thursday because I know that there will be stories a plenty come the end of the week.

Peanut is drinking from a sippy cup at less than 6 months! We figured this out kind of by accident, but it is going to be a bonus to switch him to a sippy cup as soon as possible because it is easier for him to feed himself that way and we will have an easier time of it when we wean him later on. Last week during dinner, he finished his ice cube quickly and to try to avoid freezer burn around his mouth I gave him a sippy cup of water instead of another ice cube. I thought that he might chew on it or play with it but the next thing we new was that he was drinking it. Just sucking it down as if he has always used sippy cups. He wasn't thrilled with the fact that it was water instead of milk but he drank anyway. So now in addition to his ice cube he gets sippy cups of water at times and soon he will get his nightly feeding in his sippy IF I can convince Papa Bear to give up that precious bonding bottle time every night.

Another mentionable moment is Little Man putting his face in the water in the pool. He has blown bubbles in the water all summer but he started holding his breath and dunking his head (with the occasional inhalation of water) this weekend. It was Sunday on our back deck but it might have been initiated because he started his winter 8 week swim lessons that he has done every fall/winter since he was 6 months old. He was very proud of himself and we are hoping that it means he will get even more brave during swim lessons this year! (Mommom, this is another video) Oh and yes, at the end the video does end as Little Man declares that he is going to take his underwear off and we thought that we would spare any viewers a surprise ending!!

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