Saturday, September 5, 2009

Not to Toot Our Own Horn or Anything....

....but Papa Bear has declared Little Man a musical genius already. Today, Little Man, Papa Bear and Peanut were hanging out in the kitchen when Little Man decided to show Papa Bear how he can play the "empty paper towel roll". First it was a flute and then it was a trumpet. Being a trumpet player himself, Papa Bear recognized Little Man's expert mouth position and motion (we have no idea what this is technically called). He ran downstairs and got his trumpet and sure enough, Little Man can play. To me it just sounds like rude noises coming from a brass instrument that is larger than the boy playing with it. However I know nothing about music/instruments and am completely tone deaf myself. All musical talent passed down to the boys comes entirely from Papa Bear. He plays the bass guitar, trumpet and piano at various levels. And as the resident musical expert of this house, he said that there are grown adults who can't make the proper mouth position and blow into the trumpet in a way that actually produces the noise. But Little Man can!!


  1. first, I like how the title of this blog is a perfect pun and second, WAY TO GO, Little Man!!!!

  2. Thanks, I was rather proud of that pun myself and of Little Man, of course. Although I did have visions of some very loud instrument playing in the future and am already trying to figure out how to sound proof parts of the house.

  3. The word of the day is "ambesure"

    Super cute!