Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Waning Days of Summer

We are still trying to keep our days filled and Little Man busy as the summer comes to a close. That has been difficult because I am not nearly as much fun as the beach, sand and waves were so I am still getting the repetitive plea of "go to beach house, mama!" It doesn't help that my creativity and energy are somewhat lacking so our art projects, usually more thought out and planned, seem to just end in a mess which leads to play time in the bathtub which means at least an hour of time filled up. The finger painting leads to making hand prints which on this fine day, led to making belly prints, which led to painting ourselves instead of the paper. Which of course led to "go in the house, arms in the air, don't touch anything and straight to the bathtub mister!!"

But even though, as you can see, Little Man has no trouble making a mess he still doesn't like BEING messy. Today I had to put some hydrocortisone on a rash on his leg before nap. He insisted on changing from his shorts to pants so that he "doesn't get his sheets messy". There is no doubting that he is my kid!!

Peanut is all smiles and toothy grins these days. He does little baby crunches when you put him in a recline position and likes sitting up more and more. He is an eating machine and loves his nighttime bottle with Papa Bear. When he sees his bottle being warmed up he leans into Papa Bear and all but rips the bottle from his hands. He laughs at gross boy sounds reminding me that I am the lone female in a house of boys (also reminded of this when Little Man forgets to put the toilet seat down!) and loves to grab my face between his two pudgy hands and laugh out loud.


  1. I love that Logan has Mr.T. on his shirt!!!

  2. My cousin got that shirt for Little Man when he was a baby and we spiked his hair into a mohawk when he wore it. It always makes me nostalgic seeing Peanut in Little Man's hand me downs!!