Sunday, September 20, 2009

True to Form, but Not to Fit!!

In 4 short days, Peanut will be 6 months. I can't believe that he is already 6 months old. (Stay tuned for a true 6 month update after our doctor's appointment in a week) He is rolling over (front to back), getting stuck on back like an angry turtle, sitting up, playing with toys, chewing on everything and watching his big brother play around him. He is also the fattest baby ever!

True to form as we approach his 6 month mark, when he should start wearing his 6 to 12 month clothing (see when we moved him into 6-12 months at 3 months), we have moved him up to 12-18 month clothing. The 6 to 12 month pants were resembling tights due to their fit and the snaps were being left open to accommodate for his bulging belly. His shirts are riding up resembling those midriff shirts and the fit of the sleeves comes dangerously close to cutting off circulation. Don't even get us started on socks! We don't know where his thigh begins and his ankles start - we call this "thankles" which is similar to "cankles" except we can't find his calfs either. His legs are like tree trunks and the only indication of knees is that we know where his leg bends. Finding socks that both stay on but don't cut off circulation is my own personal moby dick, a quest I will always fight but never win. So I am currently flooded with memories as I pull out clothes I remember Little Man wearing and looking forward to making new memories in those clothes for Peanut.

Stay tuned for updated pictures of all of Peanut's chunk!

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  1. what a big, adorable boy!

    Good luck with the socks...