Monday, September 14, 2009

Why I almost have a heart attack on a daily basis

Oh the life of a mom with boys (not that girls aren't just as active, I just don't know since I don't have any). I recently read a blog where a mom talked about the things you never thought you would ever say and then you have kids and you hear yourself saying thing like "Little Man, stop climbing up the railing naked, you are going to get splinters where you really don't want them" or " Get down from that window sill and how did you get up there in the first place?!" Little Man gives us scares on a daily basis, climbing walls, railings, tables, you name it. He jumps off anything and has no fear. We caught a bit on camera.

Scared yet?? Does it look like he might land on his face??

Well, he pulled it out and had a stellar landing. But he doesn't always land on his feet and I always hold my breath.

Oh the life of being a Mama Bear of boys....while it may be a little scary, really who can resist this face....
Or this one...

1 comment:

  1. those are some awesome action shots!!!

    and yes. those faces=adorable.