Monday, May 2, 2011


Each season there are the certain events that we try to get to with the kids and this weekend we definitely started something we will continue with each year. Butler's Orchard has a 3 day Bunnyland festival complete with egg hunts, moonbounces, wooden play castles, trains, barns, live chicks and bunny's to be held and petted, burlap sack slides, hayrides, food and goodie bags for the trip home. The boy had a blast and we literally had to carry Peanut out kicking and screaming even though it was raining, 58 degrees and had been there for 3 hours already. Little Man said that his favorite part was everything and the castle. Peanut's favorite part was probably the slides. Each time he came out of the tube he had a petrified look on his face from the speed but as he came to a stop he would immediately get up and try to go again and again. My favorite part was the hayride. I sat with both of my boys on my lap, hugging them close to keep them warm and soak them in. Peanut's adorable hand never let go of mine and they both sat still for 10 minutes which is rare and so I ate up every single second that their sweet heads rested on me. Little Man jabbered on and on about every single thing that he saw and Peanut just took it all in silently. Papa Bear and Sweet Pea were hanging out together while waiting for us. Sweet Pea was amazing. She is such a trooper and was in a great mood the entire time forgoing her nap to keep an eye on her big brother's and making sure she doesn't miss a thing. After 3 fun hours we headed home excited to go back next year!

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