Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of 3's Preschool

Little Man is growing despite my request that he stay little forever. Today was his last day of pre-school in the 3's class. He learned so much this year and has really grown socially. He had his first girlfriend/crush on a sweet little girl in his class. He learned how to play games like tag and bingo and what a scavenger hunt is. He played dinosaurs and painted, was the Prince to his little girlfriend's Snow White (but did refuse to kiss her to wake her up. Good Boy!) He can write all of his letters and loves to practice writing letters to me, his friends and Santa. He was told that he set the tone in the class for manners (Proud Mama!) and honestly formed true friendships. He is disappointed that he doesn't start his next school until after the summer but was slightly appeased when I told him he gets to go 5 days a week. I love how much he adores school, but it is still hard to see how big and mature he is getting.

Here is the post from the last day of school last year if you really want to see how much he has changed over 2 years.

September 2010 May 2011

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