Monday, May 30, 2011

A Sand Sandwich

Cracker and Sand Sandwich anyone? It is a Peanut special! Papa Bear caught this seconds before Peanut tried to devour it. But I guess since everything is better when we are at our family beach vacation, Peanut thought that crackers with sand might be just the thing for a mid-morning snack!

We are a little over 24 hours into our 2011 OBX vacation and life just couldn't get any better. We woke up this morning and hit the beach by 8:30. The boys played in the ocean and sand all morning. They dug in the sand, let the water roll over them in the ocean, played games and ate a lot of sand (well, just Peanut). Sweet Pea loved the sand and amazingly enough didn't even try to put it in her mouth. We are thinking that she saw Peanut's cracker and sand sandwich and didn't find it appealing. She loved splashing in the baby pool of ocean water that we dragged over to her and when she wasn't making a mess in the sand and water, she happily played with her toys in the beach tent. She also snuck in a short nap in the tent allowing us to prolong our morning in the sun.

After our beach time we got cleaned up, had lunch and the kids passed out. We have never seen the kids so zonked. I mean they had to be woken up....twice because the first time didn't stick. Fun in the sun will do that to growing boys. But they rallied once we got them up and we headed to the pool where Little Man is practically swimming and Peanut has absolutely no fear whatsoever. Luckily the monitor works well at the pool so Sweet Pea could nap and we could enjoy family time at the pool.

Tomorrow we are doing more of the same thing. This is as close to heaven as it gets.

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