Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Night Sweet Prince

Good night sweet prince
Another day is done
You laughed and you played
Now sleep little one

You need your rest
The morning draws near
Close your eyes baby boy
You have nothing to fear

Good night my son
Have the sweetest of dreams There's no telling what pleasures Tomorrow will bring!
by Crystal Cook

My little Peanut is in his own big boy bed. It was getting beyond ridiculous that he was still in a crib but Papa Bear and I didn't see a good enough reason to make the change. Since he is a bit vertically challenged due to his less than peanut-like stature he wasn't trying to climb out and he has really been happy squished up like he has been. But we have a vacation coming up and there is no way we could get away with putting him in a pack 'n play so it was either transition now or transition on vacation. That was a no-brainer. So we used a part of a bunk bed that was given to us over a year ago and went out and bought a mattress, strapped it to the roof of our van and made it all happen. He didn't get excited or really even seem to care. Little Man was more excited for Peanut and was hoping that he could sneak out of his room at night and go and sleep with Peanut. One day we might allow that, but we told him that was not allowed for now.

So far so good! He got out of his bed twice, but quickly got back in bed when he opened the door and saw me standing in the hallway. The question we will be asking all night is what will happen if he wakes up at night or early in the morning. Will my sweet prince stay in bed or make a guest appearance in our room?

Either way, my baby boy is not a baby anymore. He is sleeping in a regular bed, talking and playing like a big kid....dare we take on potty training?

UPDATE: We just heard a big crash and rushed into Peanut's room. He fell out of bed but was sound asleep on the floor. We put him back in bed and hopefully made it so that he won't fall out again tonight.

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