Sunday, May 1, 2011

Soccer - Lamentably a Team Sport

Little Man is playing his first team sport and it seems that all of the lessons we have taught him about how to treat people well are working against us when it comes to soccer. Always share with your friends vs. don't let them take the ball from you; We do not take things from others vs. steal the ball, take the ball, go go go! I had to bribe Little Man to get him to stay through his entire first game because he didn't want to play with the other kids there. He kept saying that he wished they each got their own ball and later he told us that he didn't want to have to take the ball from "all of his people". He is just much to polite on the field, not wanting to steal the ball from anyone but being conflicted because he wants to be able to kick the ball into the goal. I think he is hopeful someone will just give him the ball and let him score. I have to admit that I really don't mind that my 4 year old doesn't it in him to steal the ball and is concerned about how everyone feels. We will continue to work on being happy at the games and understanding that it is just a game and on the soccer field it is ok to take the ball from someone's feet and not be quite as polite but maybe next year we will give baseball a try. I have a feeling that when it is Peanut's turn to try soccer, we aren't going to face the same difficulties. I think that post will be titled Peanut Bulldozes Kids on Soccer field or Kick the Ball, Not the Kids!

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