Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet Pea - 7 Month Update

Sweet Pea is on the go and causing trouble. She is army crawling/boot scootin' everywhere! She is getting faster and constantly going after the one thing that she shouldn't have. To date she has eaten one of Little Man's play dollars and a blue crayon.

She is still enthralling us with her ability to roll on her back and grab her foot. She has even started grabbing her foot and holding onto it while nursing which just adorable and already proving she is going to be a multi-tasker.

Sweet Pea is enjoying eating and gets two meals a day and we have introduced peas, squash or sweet potatoes. When she is done with eating she politely blows raspberries with her food spitting it all over the place.

She sits up well for longer and longer periods of time but still likes to try to eat her foot and lose her balance. She never seems to care when she fall as long as she can reach whatever it is that she lunged for in the first place.

Sweet Pea is so laid back and easy going. She is happy to take 3 naps a day and will happily only take 1 nap too. Her favorite thing is still watching and playing with her big brothers and loves all of attention that they give her. She is starting to have some stranger anxiety and separation anxiety that usually comes with learning to crawl. She protests when I walk out of a room but is pacified if Little Man stays with her. She is growing and changing every day and we just all love our perfect little princess!

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