Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve Eve and Eve Eve and Eve

We have been packing in the fun while Papa Bear has off of work and it has been perfectly wonderfully busy and chaotic and fun.  Chaos can be good when I am not alone to handle it and we have certainly embraced it this year as a team. 

Sunday we went to our third annual Christmas meal with our very close friends.  These are the types of friends that I know we will have forever.  I can already picture Little Man and his best bud Seb double dating for prom in 10 years and Sweet Pea having a crush on Seb or trying to date Cillian.  We went over about 4 in the afternoon and ate and ate and ate and ate.  The kids exchanged gifts and Peanut got a book about Volcanoes, Sweet Pea got a sticker books that we have worked on for two days and Little Man got a lego set.  The company was perfect, the fun and drinks were flowing and the kids wore themselves out.  It is one of my most anticipated events of the season because I just love watching our families mesh and really enjoy one another.

Monday we shipped Little Man off for a playdate with a friend from school. This allowed Papa Bear and I to have a man to man defense on the littles.  It was perfect.  We went out for lunch, went to the grocery store to pick up Christmas Eve dinner, unloaded groceries and generally just had a morning of less chaos.  Then we picked Little Man up and all went to the neighborhood Christmas caroling event.  This is the first year that we have all gone.  The kids ate Christmas treats, sang and walked the neighborhood spreading Christmas cheer for the better part of two hours and then ate pizza with about 30 other kids and their parents.  Like I said, chaos, but it was controlled chaos and Papa Bear and I were a team.

Today we all just relaxed, ate cookies, made reindeer food, watched Christmas movies, tracked Santa on NORAD.  The best part was the Christmas Eve dinner that I prepared for myself and Papa Bear.  The kids ate spinach lasagna (their favorite meal) while Papa Bear and I ate the standing rib roast, asparagus and mashed potatoes that I made. We will have left overs for tomorrow! 

We hope to keep Christmas easy, no cooking, just fun and presents.  Papa Bear prepped the quiches for the morning, we are thawing our last Mommom brisket for lunch to share with Uncle Mark and Meemom and then leftovers for dinner.  Santa is coming to town!

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