Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Train 2013

Papa Bear and I marvel how certain events get easier as the kids get older and the Santa Train is no exception.  This year we took the 10:30 out of Burke Station and found the perfect train car (with a bathroom) and good seating for 6 people.  Meemom joined us on our adventure and she was almost as giddy with excitement as the kids.  We bumped into other friends of ours who were able to get seats near us as well which made it even more special.  Mrs. Claus came into the train car first and Sweet Pea was very excited to have the same dress on.  Then Santa came in with a big HO HO HO and the train car was filled with a buzz of excitement.  Seeing the expressions on their faces as they turned in their seats was precious, especially Sweet Pea and Peanut who were just overcome with joy.  I was excited too and the kids were all happy to hug him and Peanut recited his list and gave him some big strong hugs.  Then the kids took turns climbing on Meemom, coloring in their coloring books and looking out the window.  Afterwards, Meemom treated the family to lunch at Spartan's Family Restaurant were Santa was taking pictures with the kids and giving out small gifts.  Little Man asked Santa if he had just gotten off the train and Santa didn't even skip a beat when he said "I sure did."  We aren't getting the same questions from Little Man this year.  This year he just seems to believe in the magic of Christmas and I am extremely grateful, we need some Christmas magic this year, more than any other years.

I love the candy cane hanging out of his mouth as he seriously colored his picture. 
Peanut leaning to get a better view of something outside of the train
Sweet Pea getting her first look at Santa
Santa at Spartan's Family Restaurant

Sweet Pea getting comfortable with Santa

Hugs.  So sweet.

The Magic of the Holidays

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