Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Big Girl Bed Part 2

Remember back in February when we thought Sweet Pea was ready for a big girl bed and she clearly wasn't so we put her back in the crib.  Well if at first you don't succeed, try try again.  Ten months later we decided to skip the toddler bed (due to the fact that Sweet Pea continually cried that her crib was broken during our first attempt) and go straight to the big girl bed.  She asked for a "giant blanket" so I got her a quilt just like her brother's use instead of just her little snuggy blankets she has been using in her crib.  Night 1 and 2 have gone beautifully and she is thrilled with her big girl bed and the reconfiguration of her room.  We have yet to get a successful nap but I am hoping the newness of the room wears off and she goes back to napping so that I can work in the afternoons.  It is hard to let our little baby girl grow up, but I am thankful to not be lifting my 34 pound 3 year old in and out of her crib every day!

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