Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fancy Holiday Time

The Thanksgiving/Chanukah long weekend was filled with a lot of decorating, the start of Christmas movies and our friend's annual Latke party.  The decorating was so much fun this year because Little Man is old enough to really help and participate in stringing lights and wrapping banisters.  He was incredibly helpful not only setting up but in entertaining the little ones so that we could get things out and in some cases up high enough that Peanut's hulk hogan impression didn't crush them.  We even got lights strung in our sun room windows like I have been wanting to do every year for the last 6 years but never got around to doing. 


The kids were very excited for the Latke party this year and of course, Little Man felt it very necessary to be fancy.  He picked out a shirt and tie and then Peanut decided he wanted to have a tie too so he clipped on a tie to his t-shirt.  Sweet Pea couldn't be left out so she went and got a tie and attached it to her dress.  We all walked over the to the party and to be honest, no one even blinked at our families attire.  I guess we are known for being fancy.  Or being silly.  Or maybe a little of both.

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