Monday, December 9, 2013

The Kutz Home in Heaven

Mommom went to heaven today.  She was almost 91 and we are all very sad at our loss.  We are sad because even forever wouldn't have been long enough to have Mommom in our lives.  Little Man said it best at bedtime tonight when he simply asked why God couldn't have given us just a little bit more time with Mommom.  35 years with her wasn't nearly enough for me so I understand why 6 years wouldn't feel like enough time for him.  Sweet Pea asked me where Mommom was and when I explained again that she is in heaven, she said "But I want to hug her!".  Peanut has asked when Mommom is coming back from heaven and when we explained that she isn't coming back he seemed to understand and then stated that there must be a Kutz Home in heaven (the nursing home that Mommom was in for the past 3 months).  Little Man understands the most but asks a lot about the logistics and asked where Mommom is right now.  I told him that her body is at the funeral home and he said "But her soul is in heaven, right?"  They all knew how much Mommom loved them.  It was impossible to spend even a few minutes with her without feeling her love and kindness.  I will help keep the memories of my Mommom alive for all of the kids.  I have no words for how much we will miss her.

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