Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Little Man had Odyssey of the Mind practice today.  I love going to this with him (I'm the Coach) because these little 1st graders astound me with their creativity.  They also make me laugh with their antics and their notions about life.

Tonight was no exception as I drove 3 of the boys home from practice.  The boys were talking about their bedtimes.  One boy had a strict 8:30 bedtime, another said he didn't know what it was and Little Man said he had to be in his room at 8:00 but he could sometimes get away with playing for a little while.  Then the conversation turned to how much better life would be when they were grown up and they could stay up as late as they wanted and eat donuts.

Here is a snippet of the conversation that had me biting my tongue to keep from laughing:

Little Man: When I am a grown up I am going eat as many donuts as I want, stay up late and get a wife.
S: Yeah, getting a wife is pretty important.
Little Man: Yeah and when I have a wife I am going to go to the movies at night with her and never have any kids.
S: Yeah, kids are WAY too much trouble.
Little Man: Too much trouble and too much work plus if you have kids going to the movies at night and eating donuts would be a lot harder.

The kids crack me up with their unintentional humor. 

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