Monday, December 2, 2013

Define This.

Today Sweet Pea and I were reading a book about bats while sitting on the couch.  Peanut was laying on the floor looking through a book of his own but he was clearly tuning in to what I was reading.  I got to a part that discussed that a bat uses echolocation to find their food.  Peanut pops up from his spot on the floor like he was a robot that had been suddenly activated and spits out "Echo.  That is when the sound leaves your mouth, bounces off a wall and comes back to your ear."  Then he dances around and lays back down to read his book.  My mouth just dropped open to hear him so succinctly define the word echo.  But this isn't the first time he has stunned me. 

A few weeks ago we were driving in the car and Peanut says "Mama, do you know what ominous means?"  I said, "yes, I do.  Do you?"  He says, "Yup, it is when you walk into a room and you think something might happen and that thing might be scary or dangerous, that's ominous" 

Peanut was on my back and I started shaking him and told him it was an earthquake.  Again, my little robot was activitated and he says "Hundreds of earthquakes happen every day but we just don't feel them.  Earthquakes are when the plates slip and Mama, volcanoes are just a hole in the earth's crust where magma and lava come out."  I was stunned and said "Peanut, what do you know about the earth's crust."  He laughed at me and said "That's the part of the earth we live on.  The other parts are too hot."  I asked him if he know what the other parts were called and he said "Yes, core and mantel."  Then he danced his way out of the room.

Little Man's Odyssey of the Mind group didn't know what the word humorous meant and so they looked it up in a dictionary.  The next day while in the car I asked Little Man if he remembered what it meant and Peanut pipes up "I  know what humorous means.  It means funny or to make someone laugh.  The jokes I tell are humorous." 

And over the summer Peanut defined "exclusive" as when someone wants to join your club but you don't let them in then you are being exclusive.  This occurred while I was trying to explain to Little Man that he had to include all of his friends in the secret club the boys had on the hill.

I love my sweet dictionary Peanut robot.  He shocks me every day with what he has learned and I really can't take the credit for any of it. I have no idea where he picks it up and usually he doesn't either.  I ask every time and he usually shrugs and says, "I don't know Mama.  I'm just super smart."  

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