Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chunky Kid Comparison

My boys, at least as infants, are fat and I love every last ounce of that fat.  It means more places for binkys to hide and more places for milk to collect.  It means putting diaper cream in fat rolls to keep the moisture rashes away and it means that age appropriate clothing look like torture devices and that most people think that they are a lot older than they actually are.  It means that they out grow infant car seats by 5 months and that they exceed weight limits for seats, bassinets and other infant toys long before they should.   It means I can't find their ankles nor can I find socks that don't cut off circulation to their cankles.  But that is my normal, I only know fat babes and what it means most to me is that I have more to kiss and squeeze every day.  

Here are my two boys at the exact same age, in similar poses (in fact, I think I am inadvertanly wearing the same shirt) so you can see them in all their chunky glory.  So who do you think is chunkier.....????

Little Man




  1. Hmmm..First of all the pic of Jackson makes me laugh. He is NOT that chunky at all anymore, but his face is well, his face--so because I had never seen him at that age and in all his chunky glory, to me it almost looks like you superimposed his face on a chunky little body!!!

    Don't know if that even makes any sense!

    It's quite late...But, I would have to say that I think Peanut is the chunkier of the two--or at least, bigger...;-)

  2. and both are heart meltingly adorable, btw!

  3. Jess, I totally know what you mean about seeing Jackson's face on the chubby baby body! So funny that is what you see!

  4. lj's got going with lj......make these both black and white and frame side by are gonna freak if the next one(s) are skinny