Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monsters Under the Couch

There are monsters in our living room. They mostly spend their time under the couch but occasionally can be seen just laying on the floor. In order to get them to vacate the premises, Papa Bear or I have to scare them away by yelling go away Monsters, go away. Then we go to the front door, open it and shoo the Monsters out the door. The next step is the most important, Little Man runs to the window and yells “Bye Bye Monsters”. Sometimes they are nice monsters and sometimes they are scary monsters. They don’t have names except the description of nice or scary. When spotted I can always tell if they are of the nice or scary variety by Little Man’s position. If he stands on me, not letting his feet touch the ground, they are scary monsters. If he starts to creep forward while telling me about them, then they are the nice monsters.

I have no idea where he came up with the concept of monsters under the couch, but to him, it is real. It could be from reading Where the Wild Things Are because we talk about the nice monsters in that book or it could be from an episode of Curious George where George thought that things around the room were monsters when he saw them in the dark and he learned that they only look scary until you know what they really are. If it is because of Curious George, I think Little Man only caught the first half of the concept. Whatever the reason, Papa Bear and I will continue to vanquish the monsters that live under the couch or lounge on our floor for as long as we need to.


  1. Yes, monsters generally stay under couches or beds or behind shower curtains. Occasionally they can be seen through windows. I thought that you knew this, Jamie!

  2. How cute- these stories are such a joy- and will be a treat for the boys in years to come!! Watch out for the monsters!!