Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Anecdotes

Little Man has a flip-page book that he loves to read before bed.  Each page has an animal and it says "Who says baa baa" and you flip open a flap and there is a picture of a sheep.  Well we got to the page where it says "Who says Mehh Mehh" and he is supposed to say "goat" but instead he shouts "Bealge" (which is his nickname for Peanut).  I guess he hears his goat imitation a lot too!  

He also has this "You have a new baby" book by Dr. Sears.  It is Dr. Sears so it is very attachment parenting and it talks about how the baby nurses with mama and how mama wears the baby in the sling (all of the things we do) but it also talks about co-sleeping which we don't do (mostly because Peanut wants his crib and isn't happy anywhere else) and in the co-sleeping section there is a picture of the dad sleeping and Little Man points at it and say "Papa says SNNNNN ZZZZZ".  I said, "Does Papa snore" and he says to me "Really really loud".  And there you have it, he complains all the way from his room about it!

I am not sure if it has been noted in this blog, but Little Man originally named Peanut "Max" and for a while would not accept that it wasn't his name.  Well the other day at the doctor's office the doctor asked him a few questions and here were his answers:
1.  What is your name?  Answer: JAJA
2.  How old are you? Answer: 2 (return question: "How old are you?" The dr. didn't answer)
3.  What is your brother's name?  Answer: MaxLJ Bealge
4.  Does your ear hurt you?  Answer: No my toe hurts
5.  Can I look in your mouth?  Answer: Yes, No, Yes really really fast

I thought it went fairly well considering he was being asked these questions by a doctor he had never seen before.

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  1. haha-I love that he asked the doctor how old HE was!!!!