Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary and A Long Long Day

Today Papa Bear and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary...with doctor's appointments, nebulizer treatments, emergency EKG's, albuterol inhalers, naps, McDonald's and early bedtimes.  Boy, how times have changed.  Only 3 years ago, we celebrated our anniversary with a fancy french dinner in Old Town and then watched fireworks (that were just coincidently going off on our anniversary)  Today, the hacking cough of our 2 year old broke my heart and the lack of attention I was able to give my 12 week old filled me with sadness.  

We barely even got to see each other today as we had to split our time between kids so that I could spend 2 hours at the doctor's office getting Little Man the treatment that he needed to be able to breathe.  To sum up the illness quickly (because it isn't the point of the post), Little Man caught a virus about 10 days ago that has progressed into an upper and lower respiratory infection and bronchitis.  When we got to the office this morning Little Man's oxygen was at 72% (way too low) and his pulse was 180 (way too high).  He had an EKG to make sure that he was having and normal sinus rhythm and a nebulizer breathing treatment to help him be able to breathe.  They gave us an albuterol inhaler to treat him every 4 hours for the next 2 days and then we go back in. It was a long, scary day.  But we got through it as a family, Papa Bear and I got through it as partners.  He put Peanut down for a nap and watched him while I was at the appointment.  We talked on the phone at intervals through the appointment and I was able to stay calm with his help and strength.  He let me nap for a while in the afternoon holding Little Man in my arms with no recriminations, knowing without me having to say anything that I needed to hold my baby for a while.  He took Little Man out to get his prescription and got us a very unhealthy dinner of McDonalds because it always makes me feel better.  I put Little Man to bed while he rocked Peanut.  We might not have seen much of each other, but we were in sync, we were a team and we made it through a long day together.  So we might not have celebrated in the ways of the past, but we certainly pulled from all 9 years of our time together to get through the day.  I couldn't ask for a better partner, a better friend, a better father for my boys.  Happy Anniversary.

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  1. Aw, that is so sweet--Happy Anniversary; so glad you guys have each other!

    And hope that your boy feels better really soon--that must be so sad to watch!!!