Sunday, June 7, 2009

Milestone Moment (10 weeks 4 days old)

June 6, 2009 around 6:30 in the evening we got to hear Peanut’s laugh for the first time.  He sounded like a dying donkey or maybe a sick goat since he does seem to like channeling a goat, but to me it was a beautiful sound!  We had just returned from a long, but fun day at Hannah’s 2nd birthday party and Peanut was laying on his playmat smiling at the lights and sound star (which is a really obnoxious baby toy) and something about the star’s obnoxious sound and/or lights must have struck him as funny because we were treated to his braying (wait, I said dying goat, not donkey, right?) mewing laugh.  He proceeded to grace us with another 20 minutes of smirks and smiles, which we FINALLY were able to capture on camera.  We are having to work less and less to get those beautiful smiles, in fact this morning I got one just for saying hi to him when I got him out of his crib.  (oh and another note for the milestone moment is that Papa Bear, Little Man and Mee-Mom were all there to witness it too making it all the more special)

To continue on with Peanut updates, he is still sleeping in 6-7 hour stretches at night, waking only once to eat and then sleeping until 6 or 7 depending on how loud Little Man decides to be when he wakes up.  I know I could make him drop that on night feeding, but Little Man has been running a fever for a few days and so I want him to get well before I let Peanut holler for a bit in the middle of the night.  (Ok, for those of you who know me well I know that you are laughing right now.  You are right, I probably won’t ever let him holler for even a minute, but on my blog I am boss and I can pretend, so let it go).  He holds his head up well, except for when he is tired.  He loves to track Little Man and be held by Papa.  He grasps toys if you put them in his hand, but seem bewildered by their existence and movement when he moves his hands around.  When he is in a especially happy mood he coos the sweetest sound (minus any goat like mews) and bicycles his legs. 

I can’t believe he was born only 10 weeks ago, I can’t imagine my life without his goat like mews and precious smiles.


  1. those pictures are priceless--just like the sound of his laugh must be!!!

  2. He laughed again last night while staring at his mobile in his crib. It was less dying donkey and more goat with a cold that time. But to my ears, it is still the sweetest sound!