Monday, June 15, 2009

Takes A Lickin' and Keeps On Tickin'

Sorry it has been a few days between posts.  Little Man has caught an awful bug that he has so thoughtfully passed on to me (and all of his friends) that has lasted over a week now.  He has an antibiotic now so hopefully he will mend quickly.

Over the last week or so Little Man has tried to prove his new superpower of invincibility.  (and no judging on parenting as you finish this post, we do our best)

1.  Papa Bear has finally set real traps instead of those humane traps for Baxter the Mouse Part 4 or 5 or whatever we are on.  Unfortunately, he has only trapped Little Man.  Let me explain.  During the day, the traps are set behind locked doors in closets that Little Man does not have access.  However, at night Papa Bear sets out the traps in the places where the mice have been seen cavorting.  As the sun rises, so does Little Man and Papa Bear removes the traps to a safe location when he and Little Man come downstairs.  EXCEPT when Little Man scurries past Papa Bear to pick up the trap and set it off on his fingers.  Proving his invincibility, Little Man just grunted and held his hand up to Papa Bear for the trap removal.  Yes, I know it could take off fingers, Yes I know that it could have maimed him, Yes I know that all traps should remain behind locked doors at all times due to Little Man's lightening quick reflexes (or the slow ones of Papa Bear at 5am).  But no harm was done AND no mice have been caught either!

2.  Little Man, Peanut and I went to a park near our house for some afternoon fun.  Peanut was, yes you guessed it, sleeping in the stroller which left me free to really get down and play with Little Man.  So we set up an obstacle course on the playground and started running it in loops.  We would run up the slide, across the bridge, hop down the step, run around and around in circles (maybe this was where we went wrong) and then slide down the little slide and then we would start it all over again.  On the third circuit Little Man must have forgotten about the bar the ran across the top of the slide. (On the first two circuits he grabbed onto the bar swinging himself slightly to his landing spot.) SO up he went and then DING, the bar at the top of the slide clipped him right across his forehead and down down he went.  I jumped up that slide so fast and picked him up and he just rubbed his head and said "Mama moved really really fast".  I gave a shuddered laugh and said "Yes, mama moved fast alright - you ok" He nodded due to his invincibility and kept on going.

3.  Little Man decided he wanted to climb up on the window sill.  So he moved his chair over to the window and put a box on top of his chair and climbed up on the chair, up on the box and then spiderman clung to the window sill.  I found him like this as he was screaming "Stuck STUCK, MAMA help me".  I couldn't help but laugh when I saw him. I said, "Are you stuck?"  He yells, "YES".  I said, "well what did you learn?"  He said, "No Climb on windows".  So I rescued him before he needed to prove invincibility and instead just proved his spidey powers.

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