Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you a policeman?

Little Man is very friendly and outgoing. He likes to talk to everyone who walks by and I mean everyone. I am trying to work on stranger danger, but he doesn't really get it. A man will walk by and Little Man will ask "Are you a stranger?" or "Mama, is that a stranger? Is he a good stranger or bad stranger" in his half yell, half regular level voice. We talk about all of the right things, I am following all of McGruff that Crime Dog advice I can find. If you are lost, find a policeman or a fireman to help you and all of that. But I have run up against another problem. Little Man thinks that ANYONE who has a walkie talkie is a policeman. He has a policeman dress up outfit that came with a walkie talkie and so in his version of logical walkie talkie = policeman. This means that the people that work at Target or an other store for that matter = policeman. McGruff doesn't have anything to help me on this. Cyberbully - he can help you but walkie talkie policeman syndrome - he's got nothing. So I will patiently answer his questions about good strangers and bad strangers and calmly explain that the Target guy is not a policeman and hope that McGruff can pull it together and find something that can help me!!

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