Monday, June 21, 2010

Blog Names and other names...

For right now, the baby in my belly is referred to most often as Baby Girl by me and Papa Bear or My Baby Sister by Little Man. Peanut calls her EEEE but he calls just about everything EEE so that doesn't totally count. Since we found out about our Baby Girl we have been deep in negotiations on names. Papa Bear and I have 2 names that we really like, but we each have a favorite....and it isn't the same favorite! So the negotiations will continue. The process was first about vetting all names. We discussed EVERY name on the top 100 girl names and still came back to our two favorites. We have a few more months to decide but there have already been a few decisions that we have made.

Her middle name will be Green. I have always planned on giving my Baby Girl my middle name of Green. It is a name that means the world to me because it is my Poppop's last name. My Poppop was the most important figure in my life growing up, he loved me more than any of his other grandchild (you will have to take my word for this though because I think all of his grandchildren would claim this!), he taught me about unconditional love and helped me become the person that I am today. Oh and he spoiled me so rotten, I mean, really really rotten. So my Baby Girl will carry his name in her middle name. I can't even imagine how much he would spoil her if he were still here, but I think that Papa Bear and her brothers will take up the cause and do the spoiling for him!

I have one last name to choose. Her blog nickname. I have two favorites. The first is Baby Girl. It compliments Little Man's blog nickname and it is what we call her now and how I think of her. The other is Sweet Pea. It draws on her middle name and is adorable and cute just like her. So we still have some names to pick, but these are the best kinds of decisions to be making.

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