Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Big Weekend

Sometimes I get it in my head that our weekend has to be packed with huge activities. I think it is in part because our week is very scheduled and similar in the activities and many times we are limited by being two little ones on one adult (and slightly waddling) adult and the other part is because I want my boys to have so much family fun time. The kind of huge family fun that has them falling into their beds barely able to keep their eyes open. But weekends like this past weekend, remind me that it doesn't have to be roller coasters and cotton candy to be fun, we can take simple ordinary tasks and events and as long as we are together, with good attitudes we can have a weekend packed with fun, regular activities.

Our Saturday started out with an early trip to the Farmers Market. I had my sights set on fresh vegetables, fruits and an Amish woopie pie. Little Man asked repeatedly if he could hug a farmer and Peanut just wanted to people watch. Papa Bear and I were disappointed with the prices at the Farmers Market but we scored some fresh asparagus, sugar snap peas and most importantly a whoopie pie and sticky buns. I think Little Man was bummed he didn't get to hug a farmer, but we just didn't think it was the best idea. Then it was off to Target to get storage bins and swim toys. Home for naps and then the plan was to hit the pool before the storm hit. However, we kept getting psyched out by the clouds so we turned on the sprinkler and let the boys play while we did some much needed weeding and yard work. Then Papa Bear and I teamed up to make basil burgers, corn on the cob (Little Man is the best corn shucker ever) and asparagus. Peanut ate as much as I did and Little Man did some damage as well! Bed for the boys and a movie complete with candy in bed for me and Papa Bear!

Today we didn't let the clouds psych us out and as soon as Peanut got up from his morning nap we raced off to the pool with snacks and lunch. We eked out a cool 2 hours at the pool before thunder had us heading for cover.

Little Man told me he had so much fun and Peanut was in a great mood despite the fact that he is getting his molars and they are swollen and red. So we had ourselves a great big weekend doing normal little stuff and it was perfect!


  1. first, congrats on using the word "eked;" I am impressed.
    second, corn on the cobb=yum.
    third, Peanut ate as much as you. hahahaha. what a good eater that boy is!

  2. Jess - Jackson actually learned how to eat the corn directly off the cob and went from not liking corn to eating 3 pieces. Amazing how something like that can make a difference to a 3 year old.

    And I had to look up how to spell "eked" and still wasn't sure I got it right but I love random vocabulary!!